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Republicii Blvd - Govandari
    When you think about Resita, the first thing that comes to mind is: "industrial town". However, as you will see in the description below, there's more to this old capital town of the Caras-Severin district. I should probably start by mentioning that Resita is located in the S-W of Romania, surrounded by the hills leading to the many touristic attractions of the Semenic mountain, among which are the three splendid lakes: Secu, Valiug, Trei Ape.

    The town is crossed from South to North by the river Barzava, which flows in its artificial course, parallel to the boulevard that connects the Old Town with the New Town.
   The core industry of the town has been for many decades within the metalurgic and the industrial machinery sectors. This past is still part of the town's present due to the industrial halls and warehouses scattered all over town, units that belonged to the factories that used to employ the majority of the town's work force.
In the past years however, the town's industry diversified, welcoming companies from the meat processing industry, pasta industry, or clothing manufacturers.
Nowadays the town and its inhabitants are faced with the fairly common economic challenges while trying to adapt to the regional market's course required by the transition into the EU (which the country is now a member of).

   Regarding transportation, Resita's traffic is quite diverse engaging cars, taxies, buses, trams, trains and should it be neccessary, one can hop on plane at one of the two airports in the area: Caransebes ~40km; Timisoara ~100km.

   Resita has two olympic size swimming pools, one indoor - in the Lunca Barzavei neighbourhood, and one outdoor - in the Lunca Pomostului neighbourhood, which also contains two smaller size pools indoor.
Also, there are two professional football size stadiums in town, as well as an outdoor athletics complex, an artificial skating rink (in the winter), and a Sports Hall in the Civic Center plaza.
Resita - Civic Center

    Aside from the Art Museum (with an interesting architectural design, when compared to its surroundings), the art galery nearby the museum, the "G.A.Petculescu" Teatre Hall, the Civic Center, the "Eftimie Murgu" University, the City Hall, the Old Town as a whole, the suspended coal rail (crossing the Civic Center area),the Zoo in the Muncitoresc neighbourhood, one should also consider visiting the Locomotives Museum.

    On September 4th 1872 the Resita subsidiary of the STEG company built the the first locomotive in the European area.
Resita's first railroad had been built since 1846 to serve the metalurgic industry's locations in the area and it measured 610m.
Between 1868-1870 another railroad was built for industrial purposes, which measured 948m. At first the wagons were pulled by horses, and only later the railroad was modified for steam locomotives.
The first locomotive to run on this railway was a STEG-52 called Szekul, built in Vienna after John Haswell's project.
The outdoor Locomotives Museum includes 16 of the most important locomotives that used to function in the area.
One can see the first locomotive made in Romania, and one of the two locomotives built in 1925 for the Forrest Department of the Metalurgic Factory (the first to use over heated steam). On site there is also one of the two locomotives of the 142.000 series - the only one of its kind in the country, one of the famous 150.000 series locomotives, as well as the 1000th locomotive built in Resita.
   Also, it wouldn't hurt to mention some of the nearby area's attractions:Valiug, Crivaia, Garana (the set of the annual Garana Jazz Festival in August), Secu, Semenic, the Comarnic Cave, the Popovat Cave etc.
Sigla orasului
Centrul Resitei
Resita - The Art Museum
  Note: The text above contains bits and pieces of information from various public sources and it is presented with the sole purpose of providing more accurate information to the visitors of this page regarding my hometown, Resita.
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