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Resita - man made lake
A short description of some of the places surrounding Resita:
Valiug (Franzdorf) - it was created after 1780 by the workers that prepared the wooden coal for the main Metalurgic Factory in the area.
Between 1908 - 1909 a man made lake was built in the area called The Old Lake, it's main purpose being to serve the needs of the Factory nearby. Due to the growth of the Factory, a larger lake was built eventually, measuring 3 km in length.
Nowadays, the village serves maily as a vacation spot, with the real estate in the area witnessing a boom in the recent years.

   The Secu Lake - it's the nearest man made lake to Resita. It is also the town's main source of drinking water. The surroundings of the lake offer incredible sites especially because the area is not yet polluted by massive touristic/commercial exploitation.

   Crivaia - it's a resort 5 km up the road from the Valiug village, located on the banks of Lake Valiug.
The river bank nearest to the access road has been under continuous urban development in the past few years, which is generating a larger tourist presence in the area.

    Semenic - Mount Semenic, is located at approx 10 km up the road from Valiug. It's height of approx 1000m does not impress with the abundance of cliffs and peaks that one with expect to see on a mountain; it is however a resort with beautiful mountain surroundings, clean air, beginners schi slopes in the winter time, and a project for a professional schi slope to be built in the near future.
The crisp, fresh mountain air is a major attraction during the summer months when the towns nearby are experiencing high temperatures that reach over 40C.

   Garana (Wolfsberg) - a village with an interesting folklore and beautiful mountain landscape.
Altough nowadays most of the original-german population of the village returned to its roots, the village survived and transformed into a vacation village and a touristic attraction; and since 1993 the village has been the host of the popular International Garana Jazz Festival, which usually takes place in August.

   Trei Ape - A touristic resort located on the banks of the man made lake with the same name. The springs of the river Timis are located in the vecinity of the lake.
Resita - Horse ride

   Cheile Carsului - The Semenic National Park contains the following reservations: Cheile Carasului, Cheile Nerei, Cheile Garlistei, the ground with the springs of the river Caras.
The Cheile Carasului reservation includes two popular touristic destinations, the impressive cave structures: Comarnic and Popovat.

   Ocna de fier - at this location visitors can have a look at The Collection of minerals and mine flowers belonging to Constantin Gruescu.

   Dognecea - a place with a rich past, of with gold and silver mines that were once the attractions of this region.
North from Dognecea there are two lakes: the Small Lake, also called the Waterlillies Lake - which is now a botanical reservation; and the Big Lake, also called To the Wall - due to the dam built on the Dognecea spring.

   There are a lot of wonderful and meaningful places to see and visit in Resita and around. And everyone is welcome to make their own opinion.
Sigla orasului
Downtown Resita
Parcul National Semenic
  Note: The text above contains bits and pieces of information from various public sources and it is presented with the sole purpose of providing more accurate information to the visitors of this page regarding my hometown, Resita.
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