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Resita in the beginning
   The town of Resita is considered to have begun its existence within the present day grounds around the early 15th century AD, under the name "Rechyoha" or "Rasita". The first official document to mention the town is dated 1673AD; the document mentions a village named Reszinitza. For several decades after the first mentioning, the area was affected by wars (autrian-russian-turkish war), people's riots against the Austrian rulling, and waves of migration, factors that brought major changes in the region.
    Around 1760AD the village was separated in two colonies: Resita Montana ("Nemet-Resicza" sau "Resiczabanya")-on the northern side of the Barzava river, and Resita Romana ("Olah Resicza" sau "Resicza Kamerala")- on the southern side.
    On August 8, 1768 the emperess Maria-Theresa of Austro-Hungaria, which the region was part of, ordered the building of several metalurgic sites in the area, setting the ground for the industry that was going to shape the life and development of the region until the present times.
    Due to the fast development of the area, in the following years after the first metalurgic site was built, hundreds of immigrant families from Austria, Hungary and Chech territory were brought to the region, causing in 1859, the unification of the two colonies under the name Resita.

   The metalurgic plants continued to develop, and with them the town and the surrounding area. Throughout the 20th century, several waves of migration increased the town's population and forced the town to expand, which led to the construction of the "Lunca Barzavei" neighbourhood, Resita's largest, in the 1960s.
Resita in the beginning

   Today the town's population is now close to 75000, decreasing if compared to 1989 when the town's population reached 110260.
Sigla orasului
Centrul Resitei
  Note: The text above contains bits and pieces of information from various public sources and it is presented with the sole purpose of providing more accurate information to the visitors of this page regarding my hometown, Resita.
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